About Dace & Dace

Dace & Dace, Inc. is a Manufacturers’ Representative firm that specializes in supplying custom “made-to-print” components, assemblies, and assembly equipment to the OEM market. With sales offices servicing Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Mexico, Dace & Dace sales people are ready and willing to work with their customers from the inception of a project until the component or assembly is in production.

Sales Territory

The Dace & Dace sales territory consists of nine states and Mexico. We cover from a line just north of Nashville, Tennessee west to Albuquerque, New Mexico and all the area south of that line down to Mexico City. That encompasses MANA territories 20, 21, M1, part of M2, and part of 23.

Jay Dace

President and CEO of Dace & Dace. Jay joined Dace & Dace in 2003, Jay brings extensive knowledge of finances and business to Dace’s infrastructure. He received his BBA in accounting and finance from Texas Christian University followed soon by his CPA licensing.

Orlando Encinas

Originally from the Chicago area, Orlando is based out of El Paso, Texas. He brings with him an electrical engineering background from the nuclear industry and 26 years of manufactured component sales experience in plastic and metal engineered components. He has covered most of Northern Mexico including Monterrey and Mexico City as well as the Texas/Mexico border in previous positions. He is fluently bilingual in English and Spanish. He is an avid Dallas Cowboy fan and a motorcycle enthusiast.

Orlando Encinas works the area of El Paso and the Texas border cities including the valley area of Texas and into Northern Mexico.

E-mail: encinas@dacedace.com

Tom Edgman

Originally from Knoxville Tennessee with 43 years of experience in sales, production, and management in the plastics industry. His extensive knowledge of the custom plastic extrusion business and the various industries supplied provides a broad view of the manufacturing sector. As a former owner of his own extrusion business, he understands the needs of capable suppliers. His work as Division Manager of a large custom profile extruder which partnered for 5 years with an extrusion company in Monterrey Mexico gives him insight into cross border relationships as well. Also a Cowboys fan, his heart still beats to Rocky Top! Go VOLS!

Tom Edgman handles the Houston, San Antonio, Austin territory and surrounding areas, including most of south Texas.

E-mail: edgman@dacedace.com

Ryan Morrow

Based in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Ryan covers the northern half of Texas. With 16 years of experience in sales for a plastics manufacturer based in Dallas, Ryan brings extensive knowledge of the territory and manufacturing processes. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Computer Information Systems from the business school at the University of North Texas in 2002.

Ryan Morrow covers the areas of North Texas including the Dallas/FW area and surrounding cities, Midland Odessa, and the Texas Panhandle.

We currently service the following states through our Dallas area office: Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Eastern Tennessee, and Missouri. Please contact Ryan Morrow (morrow@dacedace.com) or Tom Edgman (edgman@dacedace.com) for assistance with those areas.

Inside Sales
Betty Wisdom

Supervises the Inside Sales and Customer Service department of the company and is directly responsible for inside sales and service in Dace & Dace territories. She joined Dace & Dace in 2000 and spearheaded the inside sales program in April 2001.


 Dace & Dace is a member of the Manufacturers’ Agents National Association.

Company Timeline

Dace & Dace has a long history of providing superior service to all of our customers.

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