Impact Extrusions

For almost 40 years, our manufacturer has supplied custom aluminum impact extrusion solutions for a diverse array of industries, from high-volume industrial producers such as Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive suppliers to detail-oriented military contractors to commercial ventures such as lighting component manufacturers and durable packaged goods providers.

ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/TS16949:2002 Certificate of Registration

The Process

Aluminum Impact Extruding is a method of producing a variety of products by forcing metal to flow through an orifice between the punch and die under compressive stresses. The final shape is normally formed in a single stroke of the press. There are three basic forms of impact extruding: reverse, forward, and combination.

Impact Extrusions Schematic

Applications & Products

Aluminum products manufactured by forward impact extrusions, reverse impact extrusions, and combination impact extrusions include but are not limited to:

Impact Extrusions: Automotive

A/C accumulators and driers, airbag end caps, brake parts, filter housings, fuel pump housings, hose connectors and fittings, mufflers, and shock absorber components

Impact Extrusions: Power Electronics
Power Electronics

Capacitor cans, heat sinks, motor housings

Impact Extrusions: Lighting

Downlights, luminares, reflector cans, and socket cups

Impact Extrusions: Packaging

Applicator tubes, cigar holders, paint containers

Impact Extrusions: Ordnance

Cartridge castings, mortar cones, signal munitions, and tear gas canisters

Impact Extrusions: Other Custom Products
Other Custom Products

Concha columns and respiratory components, gauge enclosures and floats, hydrolic reservoirs, impacted machining blanks, pistons and cylinders, technical extrusions and shapes, & trophy and award bases


Striving to increase your profitability while reducing your product’s time to market, we offer:

With over 30 extrusion presses from 20-1000 tons, our manufacturer’s depth of resources rivals all other contract manufacturers of impacted aluminum extrusions. Providing you with products that earn an average customer acceptance rate of 99.86%, over 75% of our current customer base has partnered with our manufacturer for more than 10 years.