Cold Headed Fasteners & Screw Machine Components

Providing you with a 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility with more than 40 cold headers including multi-die, multi-blow machines that give us the capability to manufacture standard fasteners, such as thread rolling, thread cutting, machine screws, collar studs, and sems fasteners, as well as complex shoulder bolts.


Custom Fasteners
Custom Fasteners

Meeting your needs with any combination of heads, threads and drive specifications, we can produce your components quickly and competitively. Custom designs include: Special Fasteners, Shoulder Bolts, Collar Studs, Sems Screws, Tapping Screws, and Machine Screws.

Thread Forming Fasteners

Providing superior performance in today’s wide range of plastics and metals, our thread forming fasteners offer excellent mechanical, assembly and ergonomic characteristics surpassed by no other technology. Preventing cross threading and fastener jam, resistance to stripping and vibrational loosening, and reducing boss bursting and driving effort, fasteners include: Taptite II®, Powerlok®, Taptite 2000®, Plastite®, Remform®, Fastite®, Tru-Start®, and MAThread®.

Thread Forming Fasteners Thread Forming Fasteners Thread Forming Fasteners

Fastener Drive Systems
Fastener Drive Systems Fastener Drive Systems

Providing you with the latest enhancements to the most popular fastener systems in use throughout the world. Quality through continuous improvement is crucial for fastener drive systems used for high-speed mass production of fastener-held assemblies. Outperforming any other drive system, our line includes: ACR Phillips II®, Phillips Square-Driv®, Torx®, and Torx Plus®.


Secondary operations:
Heat Treating, Plating, Patching, Shaving, End Slotting, Drilling, Centerless Grinding, Rotary Grinding, Deburring, Assembly, Sorting, Kitting/Bagging