Offering you the finest and most creative machine shops, including a full line of single spindle, multi-spindle, Swiss type, and CNC machines. Whatever your machining requirements, Dace & Dace brings sources for completing a myriad of operations often required to complete parts without expensive secondary operations.

Swiss Screw Machine Parts Precision Machine Component


Providing you with high and low volume output, we work with you to reduce costs and cut production time. We make every effort to match your part to the equipment that can produce all or most of its features in a single operation.

Secondary Services
Machining Quality Machining Fabrication

Anodizing, Assembly, Broaching, Burnishing, De-burring, Drilling, Fixturing, Flame Cutting, Forming, Gear Cutting, Grinding, Heat Treating, Milling, Orbital Riveting, Painting, Plating, Polishing, Skiving, Slotting, Tapping, Thread Rolling, Trepanning, Turning, Water-jet, Welding