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Providing you with custom made-to-blueprint powder metal components, we help you save money by eliminating material waste, increasing productivity and improving profitability.

This process provides you with advantages that you may find significant over other production technologies including:

With production rates of up to 100 parts per minute, we offer manufacturing equipment that includes 24 presses ranging in size from 10 to 220 tons and 4 sintering furnaces. We also give you the advantage of SPC record-keeping on each item being manufactured, visual inspection, and testing for density, weight, dimensions and hardness.

Available Alloys

Alloys available: copper, iron, tin, aluminum, titanium, steel, stainless, brass, bronze, nickel steel, copper steel, low/hi alloy steel, diffusion alloy steel, molybdenum, tantalum, tungsten, and copper infiltrated steel.

Secondary Operations include: coining, drilling, tapping, infiltration, oil impregnating, deburring, heat treating, steam oxidizing and resin impregnation.